I’m Abbi and welcome to my blog! Raised in Canberra, I moved to Melbourne in 2015 to teach math and science in a high school. I left teaching at the end of 2019 and after a year of intentional rest, I started an internship with CrossCulture Church of Christ at the start of 2021.

I enjoy eating yummy food, meeting and learning from people, making excellent (or as my husband would say – terrible) puns and travelling when I can. My love of learning brought me to teaching and you will still catch me learning new things and geeking out over the wonders of every day life.

Growing up, my parents taught me the wonders of seeing and understanding the world, which included learning how to make (and pull apart – thanks Dad!) different things. This led to a passion for sewing, knitting, and all sorts of other crafty endeavors, as well as my studies in Science. I studied Chemistry to better understand the makeup of the natural world, and Psychology to better understand people. They also modelled the importance of community as faith in action and how time can be the most valuable gift we have to give.

In 2018, I married my best friend Mark and together we have adventures that usually involve good food, great company and a healthy dash of silliness.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for being a part of my journey in faith, work, and life.