Well hello there!

I’m Abbi and welcome to my blog! Previously a high school teacher, I left teaching at the end of 2019 and after a year of intentional rest, I started an internship with CrossCulture Church of Christ.

Now I’m a full-time mum who enjoys sewing and all things handmade. Read more

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  • Matrescence


    My daughter is just over six months old and I think I’m ready to put some of my thoughts into words. Thoughts on the last six months. Thoughts on the nine months before that. Thoughts on who I am and who I am becoming. When we announced that we were pregnant, a friend of ours…

  • Matrescence: body

    Matrescence: body

    Note: This post contains descriptions of pregnancy and post-partum. It may be triggering for anyone who has struggled with infertility, loss or traumatic and difficult birth/post-partum experiences. These experiences are my own and I acknowledge that they are not universal. The first thing to change was my body. My expectations of pregnancy were cliché: nausea,…

  • Lessons from 2021

    Lessons from 2021

    Today is the last day of 2021. Whilst I know that I will feel more or less the same tomorrow, the end of the year is always a trigger for reflection. This year has been a big year for many reasons. Yes we shared the global experience of lockdowns & pandemics but this year was…